Los Angeles DUI Defense Attorney

Michael Kraut is a top rated DUI Defense attorney in Los Angeles, CA with over 15 years of experience in all areas of criminal law. His former clients, news organizations, prosecutors and judges have consistently rated Mr. Kraut as the top Los Angeles DUI attorney. Before opening his Los Angeles-based law firm, Mr. Kraut was a senior L.A. county prosecutor. As a prosecutor, he instructed law enforcement on criminal procedure and DUI law. He obtained many skills as a prosecutor, and takes great pride in using those skills and relationships to defend his clients as their Los Angeles DUI lawyer.

Mr. Kraut was educated at Harvard Law School following his graduation from Cornell University in 1988. He was then led to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office where he was appointed as a prosecutor. In order to assist those under investigation or charged with DUI in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, Mr. Kraut opened the Los Angeles DUI defense firm, Kraut Law Group.

Michael Kraut: Nationally Recognized

Mr. Kraut appears on Good Morning America several times a month and is their criminal law correspondent. He gained national recognition when he uncovered corrupt law enforcement activities including planting evidence, intimidation, and false testimony in the now notorious Los Angeles Police Department Rampart Police Scandal. The New York Times, the New York Times Magazine, and the Los Angeles Times are several national press releases where Michael Kraut’s activities were highlighted. He has received numerous awards for his success in the courtroom and has lectured to police and prosecutors on DUI criminal investigative techniques.

Michael Kraut has represented large international corporations when he practiced law with two national law firms, Adams Duque & Hazeltine and Lewis D’amado. Mr. Kraut also worked for the United States Attorney’s Office and the City Attorney’s Office prior to his employment as a Deputy District Attorney.

Former L.A. County Deputy District Attorney

Mr. Kraut has served under multiple elected officials and was appointed Deputy District Attorney with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office in 1994. He has brought over 80 felony cases to trial and has achieved a 99% success rate in jury trials. He was assigned a prosecutor to the elite homicide Hardcore Gang Division, Felony trial pool and Major Fraud Division. Michael Kraut has been the trial attorney on a wide variety of criminal cases, including 20 murders, witness intimidation, numerous white collar cases, ponzi (pyramid schemes, drug trafficking, hundreds of Los Angeles DUIs, and various other misdemeanor and felony cases. Mr. Kraut has developed a reputation as a leading DUI defense attorney and handles Southern California DUI defense cases.

Michael Kraut has earned a great reputation as one of the top criminal attorneys in Los Angeles County. His tenacity in the courtroom, as well as his investigative skills has led him to gain recognition and become well known within the legal community. Mr. Kraut’s unique insights into the workings of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office have become invaluable in negotiating dispositions and trying criminal cases.

Mr. Kraut is a trusted Los Angeles DUI Attorney and is known to aggressively defend his clients in their DUI cases. As such, judges and members of law enforcement often call upon him to represent their family members.

Representing Clients in Los Angeles County & Orange County

Beverly Hills DUI Lawyer

Michael Kraut, a Beverly Hills DUI Attorney is well known as a top rated former prosecutor. He is now practicing DUI defense and has worked with the Beverly Hills DUI courts.  It does not matter what courthouse a client’s case is being handled, attorney Michael Kraut, of the Kraut Law Group has worked with the prosecutor and judge assigned to your case.

Pasadena DUI Lawyer

Michael Kraut is a Pasadena DUI attorney and knows Pasadena DUI cases from the inside out. As a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor, Mr. Kraut used to train law enforcement on DUI and search and seizure law. This background is known to give Michael Kraut an edge. To convict the driver of driving under the influence in Pasadena, Mr. Kraut is able to find innovative ways to suppress evidence that the prosecutor wants to introduce. Contact a Pasadena DUI lawyer to handle your case.

Long Beach DUI Lawyer

Michael Kraut is a Long Beach DUI Attorney who has experienced incredible success at the Long Beach courthouse. In many cases, Mr. Kraut can convince the prosecution to not file charges by challenging the evidence even before the case is filed. As a pre-filing DUI defense attorney, Michael Kraut is well known by the police as a former prosecutor. He uses speaking the cops’ language to his clients’ advantage, which can result in reduced charges being filed on your Long Beach DUI.

As a top-notch trial attorney, Michael Kraut enjoys a reputation among prosecutors, judges, and defense attorneys. He knows how police and prosecutors investigate and compile cases against you. He also knows that you do not want to lose your job, go to jail, or misplace your standing in the community. In an effort to safeguard you against these, Michael Kraut now uses these connections, skills, and tenacity to defend individuals and corporations investigated and charged with a crime.

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