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DUI Expungements

What is an Expungement?

An expungement is a legal process whereby you essentially withdraw your "guilty" or "no contest" plea and, with court approval, the court then allows the case to be dismissed. This basically removes the conviction from your record for most instances.  For those having prior DUI convictions, it is sometimes very important  to be able to have them expunged. By consulting with a DUI Defense Attorney, they can help you determine whether expungement will work for your specific circumstances.

An expungement of a DUI conviction can greatly assist an individual attempting to get employment where it would otherwise disqualify them.  Most employers seeing a conviction on an applicant's application will think twice about hiring you, or choose a candidate that has a clean record. Once expunged, you would no longer have to put a DUI conviction on any job application or in other instances.  However, if applying as a peace officer, teacher, or running for public office, this would still need to be disclosed.

Expungement Filings in Los Angeles

In order to qualify for an expungement filing, one must qualify under certain criteria set by California statute.  If applicable, your attorney can petition the court to expunge your DUI record, which is reviewed by a judge.  If the judge grants the expungement, the person is allowed to withdraw their original plea and change it to a "not guilty" plea.  This filing must be done in a certain manner in order to improve the chances of the judge granting the expungement.  When you have the qualified legal assistance of the Kraut Law Group, you can feel confident that your filing will be prepared thoroughly and to the correct specifications.  Our legal staff have helped many clients in the Los Angeles and Southern California areas obtain DUI expungements and look forward to helping with yours.

For excellent legal assistance with your DUI expungement, contact the Kraut Law Group .

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