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An Overview of DUI Charges in California

California has strict DUI (driving under the influence) laws which it aggressively enforces.  In the Los Angeles area, local law enforcement is especially tough on anyone stopped for driving under the influence.  A person is considered DUI if they have a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08% or higher.  Police officers are allowed by law to pull someone over if they suspect them of being DUI due to erratic driving or some other indication.  They must have good probable cause to stop someone in order for this point to hold up in court.  Once stopped, a person will likely be given a field sobriety test or some other chemical test to determine your exact BAC.  If it indicates that you are driving over the legal limit, the police officer will arrest you.  When you find yourself in this situation, our office highly recommends that you contact a DUI defense attorney to assist you with the charges.  Penalties for conviction can be severe, including fines, license suspension and even jail time.  You do not want to go unrepresented when it comes to a DUI charge.

Once arrested, you are provided with a Suspension Order and Temporary License, which basically allows you 30 days of driving before your license is suspended.  You have 10 days from the date this form is given to you to schedule a Hearing.  If you fail to schedule this hearing, you automatically have your license suspended.  At this hearing it is crucial for you to have  your DUI defense lawyer at your side to question the officer that arrested you for DUI, as well as witnesses, and to file motions to attempt to avoid the license suspension.  At the hearing an Arraignment date will be set, where you will obtain all evidence against  you as well as attempt to plea bargain the charges, if applicable, or even have them dismissed, depending on the circumstances.  If the case is not resolved at this point, you will have a jury trial where all evidence, witness testimony and attorney arguments are presented.  At the trial you will either be found guilty and sentenced, or your charges will be dismissed if you were deemed innocent.  Your sentence depends on the severity of your DUI charges, but normally involves fines, possible probation and DUI education classes.

Contact the Kraut Law Group, DUI Defense Lawyers for Los Angeles

The DUI process is involved and can be lengthy.  With an effective and knowledgeable defense attorney protecting your rights, you have the best chance of overturning the charges or even getting them dismissed.  Attorney Kraut, as a former Deputy District Attorney in Los Angeles, has extensive experience in the methods used by prosecutors to build a case against you.  With this experience and his contacts in the criminal justice system, his firm is your best option for a strong defense of your DUI charges.

Contact the Kraut Law Group today to discuss your DUI charges and the legal strategy to fight them.

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