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Los Angeles DUI Attorney

Field Sobriety Tests Explained

California law allows a police officer to pull someone over when he suspects intoxication. There is exact procedure that the officer must follow in determining whether a person is, in fact, intoxicated. A standard method used in the Los Angeles area is through the use of field sobriety tests. There are a number of different types of field tests which can be administered, and all must be done in a standard fashion as dictated by law.

The tests are designed to have a driver perform certain physical and cognitive tests that will show whether the person is under the influence or not. Known as Standardized Field Sobriety Tests, their use is regulated by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA).  If you find yourself facing an arrest after failing a field sobriety test, it is vital to contact a Los Angeles DUI attorney as soon as possible following your arrest. By taking swift action to protect your rights, you improve your chances of winning your case.

The three standardized tests most commonly used by law enforcement officers include:

  • Walk the line and turn
  • The one-leg stand test
  • Horizontal gaze nystagmus test

There are other non-standard tests that officers may also use, which might include:

  • Recite the alphabet or a portion of it
  • Count the number of fingers that the officer raises
  • Count backwards
  • Stand with feet together and tip the head backwards while counting
  • Finger to the nose test

In addition to the field tests, other chemical tests which include breath, blood, or urine testing may be required once arrested. Refusing to take these tests in California automatically increases your penalties, including automatic suspension of driving privileges.

Defending Against Charges of DUI in LA

As officers can and do make mistakes, and some of these tests are subjective, these field sobriety tests can be challenged. By carefully reviewing all reports, police officer statements and lab findings it is possible to challenge this "evidence" of being intoxicated. The Kraut Law Group has extensive experience in this area of the law, having helped numerous clients with their DUI charges.Our firm cares about your future and will do our utmost to dispute the charges.With our track record of success and our reputation as aggressive defense attorneys, we are confident we can assist you in handling your DUI charges.

If you or a loved one has recently failed a sobriety test, contact a Los Angeles DUI Lawyer at the firm today to discuss a competent solution for your DUI case.

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