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Los Angeles DMV Hearing Lawyer

Legal Aid for the DMV Hearing Process

Once arrested for DUI in Los Angeles, your license is automatically suspended. The arresting officer will provide you with a Suspension Order and Temporary License form, which allows  you to drive temporarily for 30 days until your DMV Hearing is held. Once the law enforcement officer gives you this temporary license, you have 10 days to schedule your DMV Hearing. Failure to schedule this hearing  also known as an Administrative Review Hearing, will cause your license to automatically be suspended after your 30 day temporary license expires. 

At this hearing you will discuss only your reasons why your license should not be suspended, and not the charges for Driving Under the Influence (DUI). That matter will need to be handled under a separate Arraignment procedure. Prior to facing your DMV Hearing you should contact a qualified Los Angeles DUI attorney to represent you during this procedure. At this stage it is still possible to prevent your license from being suspended, provided you have the right defensive strategy.

Scheduling a DMV Hearing in Los Angeles, California

Warning! You only have 10 days from the date of your DUI arrest to schedule a DMV hearing. It is imperative that you do not fail to do this. The Department of Motor vehicles numbers to call for Drivers Safety offices:
  • City of Commerce Drivers Safety Office  -- (323) 724-4000
  • Commerce Drivers Safety Office -- (626) 974-7137
  • El Segundo Drivers Safety Office -- (310) 615-3500
  • Fresno Drivers Safety Office -- (559) 445-6369
  • Irvine Drivers Safety Office -- (949) 440-4424
  • Oakland Drivers Safety Office -- (510) 563-8950
  • Oxnard Drivers Safety Office -- (805) 488-0863
  • Redding Drivers Safety Office -- (530) 229-0553
  • Sacramento Drivers Safety Office -- (916) 227-0174
  • San Bernardino Drivers Safety Office -- (909) 383-7413
  • San Diego Drivers Safety Office -- (858) 627-3901
  • San Francisco Drivers Safety Office -- (415) 557-7375
  • San Jose Drivers Safety Office -- (408) 229-7100
  • Van Nuys Drivers Safety Office -- (818) 376-4217

When you schedule your DMV Hearing you are offered the option of an in person or phone hearing. It is in your best interests to schedule it in person. If you request an in person meeting, it will be at a local DMV Driver's Safety Office. The hearing officer who works at the DMV will act as the judge. At this juncture your defense lawyer will have the opportunity to cross examine the police officer that arrested you as to his procedures in doing so.  Other witnesses may also be brought to this hearing and examined. 

The issues that are reviewed at this hearing involve whether your were arrested lawfully or were subjected to an unlawful police stop, whether your blood alcohol content (BAC) was over the legal limit of .08% and whether you were the actual driver. If any of the three can be challenged, your license suspension will be overturned and you will get your driving privileges back. At the Kraut Law Group, attorney Michael Kraut has extensive experience in picking apart the evidence submitted by law enforcement.  By questioning every aspect of procedure regarding the three issues above, there is a possibility of your suspension being dropped.

Why Hire a LA DUI Lawyer?

It is vital in fighting any DUI charge that you have the most effective legal counsel to represent you. As Attorney Kraut has had 14 years former experience as a Deputy District Attorney in Los Angeles, he brings his knowledge and contacts in the criminal justice system to bear when strategizing your defense. He has successfully defended numerous clients against their DUI charges

When facing a DMV Hearing, you will need experienced legal counsel to assist you in saving your license. Contact a Los Angeles DUI Lawyer at the Kraut Law Group right away.

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