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Los Angeles DUI Attorney

Consequences of Breath Test Refusal

If you are driving in the Los Angeles or Southern California area and you are stopped for possible driving under the influence (DUI), law enforcement officers will ask you to take a chemical test to determine your blood alcohol content (BAC).  When a California driver receives a driver license, they agree as part of the licensing procedure that they give "implied consent" to take such a BAC test if asked.  As such, you may not refuse to take the test without incurring additional penalties and suspension of your driver's license.

Although refusing the breathalyzer test when pulled over under suspicion of DUI results in an automatic driver's license suspension, there are still defenses that a skilled DUI lawyer can provide you. At the Kraut Law Group, Mr. Kraut has successfully defended clients who have refused a breath test through a variety of strategies. In many cases the charges are either thrown out or the prosecution dismisses the allegation that the driver refused the chemical test 

He can attempt to prove that you were not properly informed of the consequences of refusing a breath test, or that you misunderstood the officer and did not actually refuse, he misunderstood you, or even that you were unable to provide a sample due to a medical condition. Our strategy can include close scrutiny of every procedure taken from the time you were pulled over to your arrest. If the arresting officers did not follow every procedure exactly as required, you may have a cause to challenge some part of the evidence gathered against you. By retaining an attorney who knows the ins and outs of the criminal justice system, you can make a difference on whether your automatic suspension of your license can be overturned.

Defending Your Rights Against DUI Charges

It is vital in fighting DUI charges as related to refusing a breathalyzer test that you have the most effective legal counsel to represent you. Because Attorney Kraut has had 14 years former experience as a Deputy District Attorney in Los Angeles, he brings his knowledge and contacts in the criminal justice system to bear when strategizing your defense. He has successfully defended numerous clients against their DUI charges in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California.

If you have refused a DUI breath test, contact a Los Angeles DUI Lawyer at the firm for effective legal counsel to represent  you.

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